Indigo  is  a  privately  owned  group  with  diversified  interests  and  experience  in  all  property sectors  with  a  focus  on development  and  value  adding.    The  group  has  completed  projects totaling  over  $2  billion  dollars  in  value  and  has won  numerous  awards  for  its  work.    Indigo largely owe their success to a simple philosophy: be passionate about what you do and those you do it for.

We  believe  Indigo  has  a  sustainable  advantage  of  speed,  flexibility  and  adaptability  which helps  to  assess  and  create opportunities.  Its  design  and  management  skills  allow  each opportunity to be turned into a reality, optimising each project’s short and long term success.

Likewise Indigo is equally passionate about its people, and strives to create mutual benefits for everyone  concerned,  be  they staff,  customers,  stakeholders,  suppliers  or  the  community  at large.    We  strive  to  build  more  than  excellence  into  our developments,  by  building  lasting relationships.

Shaped  by  a  team  of  professionals  with  diverse  qualifications  in  engineering,  project management,  architecture,  finance  and  construction,  Indigo  has  the  vision  to  recognize potential opportunities, and the resolve to realize them.

At Indigo we value:

  • Honesty, passion and tenacity.
  • The building of trust in our relationships.
  • Encouraging each individual to be responsible for their own actions and performance as a member of the team.
  • Understanding and aiming to exceed our stakeholders needs.
  • Ensuring that all commitments given are completed.